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Hybrid Lash Extensions

Volume lashing is a technique includes a combination of 2 different lash application techniques (Classic & Volume techniques) rolled into one set of lashes.


Hybrid lashes are the perfect choice for individuals torn between Classic and Volume lashes. 

Which technique is best for you? 

Volume lashes are perfect for:

If you want a fuller lash line but do not want a dramatic lash line.

If you love volume lashes but want to consider an affordable alternative

If your looking for a textured look but do not want the full dramatic volume look.


If you currently have classic lash extensions, yet you want an even fuller lash line, it's time to consider a relationship with hybrid lashes. On the same note, if you have dramatic full volume lashes and would prefer a less dramatic yet full lash line, hybrid lashes would be the perfect choice for you. 

Hybrid lashes are completely customizable and can be made to look as natural or dramatic as you’d like. 


The Perfect Frosting For Your Eyes

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